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Churches Together in Central Bromley


Churches Together in Central Bromley

Churches Together In Central Bromley is part of the wider nationwide group of churches called Churches Together in Britain and Ireland. All denominations are represented and all have the same basic calling - to worship God, to share the good news about Jesus Christ and to work for the good of all people.
Although the outlook and ways of worship may vary greatly, it doesn't stop us praising God together, and there is much we can do jointly to further God's work in our country.
Churches Together in Central Bromley and consists of fifteen local churches.
For more information go to Churches Together in Central Bromley web page.


CTCB Forum

The theme for the Autumn 2014 Forum is "LUNCH WITH JESUS - Gluttons and drunkards welcome (see Matthew 11:19)" 

The meetings are arranged by St.  Mary’s . Church, College Road where they will be held from 12.30 pm.  Please take your packed lunch as usual.  Please note that between midday and 2.00 pm, regrettably there are parking restrictions immediately around the church and there is no parking available on the site.  However, bus stops are nearby.

Wine, women and Wrong:  22 October:  Jesus gives us FORGIVENESS - he continually welcome the stranger and the outcast as shown when he visited the home of Simon the Pharisee.

No Excuses:  Jesus makes COMMUNITY:  we look at a parable of a part to see friendship etended widely and seek to draw our neighbours into new friendships.  10 December.

Au Revoir:  Jesus is HERE – we are to celebrate his true presence with us that he promised at the last meal he had with his disciples:   21 January 2015.

R.S.V.P.  Jesus was full of EXPECTATION – he looked forward to Heaven and sharing it with us as a magnificent wedding feast.   18 February 2015.



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